Want to study at your own pace for an upcoming exam, earn continuing education units when and where you want? Water Grades gives you the options you need to succeed.

Experience and Goals

With nearly two decades of field experience and proven test preparation techniques, Water Grades is pioneering a new approach for earning contact hours. We offer a cost effective and convenient alternative to conventional training methods. Building from the suggestions and concerns of water industry professionals we strive to provide a learning experience that is informational and relaxed.


We offer both online and on-site training for water treatment and distribution topics. Our self-paced online courses enable participants to accrue CEU’s from the comfort of home and our on-site training courses provide a casual yet informative structure to help participants obtain a greater understanding of industry related topics through instructor guidance. We pride ourselves in offering exam preparation courses that are proven to help participants pass the first time. Whether you are looking to gain new insight to industry related topics or simply need assistance in preparing for and passing your next exam, Water Grades has the tools to help you achieve a new level of credibility.

Why Us

Water Grades is owned and operated by licensed water treatment and distribution professionals who understand the downfalls of current training programs. Our goal is to provide a new approach to learning and offer alternative methods to prepare for your upcoming state exam. WE WILL HELP YOU TO IMPROVE and take your career to the next level. Our courses are state approved and we are constantly taking the input from our students to further improve our courses. Learn why you should choose Water Grades.

Mission statement :

“To be the most cost effective and convenient continuing education
provider in the US. ”

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The Drought in California: Can Technology Help? California is currently experiencing a drought so severe that California Governor Jerry Brown has been compelled to declare a State of Emergency and implement mandatory water reductions. After four straight years of water shortages, this year California saw the smallest snow pack ever recorded. Crisis Drought in California […]

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Learn what this industry can do for you 1. Get a CAREER not a JOB! A position in the treatment or distribution of drinking water is a career, not a job. By definition a career is an occupation that a person fulfills for a significant portion of their life with opportunities for advancement. In contrast, […]

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We know how difficult it can be to prepare for an exam; we have been there and we have succeeded. So can you. Here are a few tips to prepare the day of the exam. We highly recommend taking a Water Grades exam preparation course prior to the course. When you are preparing to take […]

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Learn how to pass your next certification exam with these 10 easy tips 1. Prepare! You should begin to prepare for your exam at least a few weeks in advance so that you don’t feel rushed. Start slowly and gradually work yourself up to full preparation mode. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is […]

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The flash cards are a great way to study and having them already made saved me a ton of time. I can't wait to see the apps that you come up with. Thanks Watergrades. Steve, Ca

The online web format is great! I am trying to become an operator and this allowed me to prepare for the certification exam without having to take time off of work. John, Ca.

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