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Water Treatment and Distribution Pumps

Topics covering various types of pumps and the associated terminology to correctly identify pump elements. Understand the importance of establishing a preventative maintenance program to ensure longevity in the performance of your pumps.

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Distribution Systems

This course is designed to give you a complete overview of the different elements associated with a Water Distribution System. Topics include: Water Distribution plumbing and valve configurations, backflow prevention, fire systems, and much more.

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Valves and Meters

This course provides an overview of the various types of valves and meters used throughout a drinking water system. After completing this course you will be able to identify water system valves and understand the advantages and disadvantages of common flow meters.

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Learn what this industry can do for you 1. Get a CAREER not a JOB! A position in the treatment or distribution of drinking water is a career, not a job. By definition a career is an occupation that a person fulfills for a significant portion of their life with opportunities for advancement. In contrast, […]

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We know how difficult it can be to prepare for an exam; we have been there and we have succeeded. So can you. Here are a few tips to prepare the day of the exam. We highly recommend taking a Water Grades exam preparation course prior to the course. When you are preparing to take […]

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Learn how to pass your next certification exam with these 10 easy tips 1. Prepare! You should begin to prepare for your exam at least a few weeks in advance so that you don’t feel rushed. Start slowly and gradually work yourself up to full preparation mode. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is […]

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The flash cards are a great way to study and having them already made saved me a ton of time. I can't wait to see the apps that you come up with. Thanks Watergrades. Steve, Ca

The online web format is great! I am trying to become an operator and this allowed me to prepare for the certification exam without having to take time off of work. John, Ca.

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